Monday, March 5, 2012

I want Tim Tebow to Fail Part 2 - It was luck not prayer

Bruce: (an atheist) Well, the 2011 football season ended without any miracle win by the Broncos. 

Ary(Christian) Yes, I was disappointed.

Bruce: I guess all that Tebowing did no good.

Ary: Why would you say that?  They started the season 1 and 4.  After Tebow took over they were 7 and 4 with a novice quarterback.

Bruce:  They would have done better with Quinn instead of Tebow.

Ary:That is pure conjecture.  There is no way to prove that.

Bruce: But you have to admit that Tebow got the nod to replace Orton due to fan pressure not ability.

Ary: That may be true as well but the proof is in the pudding; once Tebow started playing the Broncos started winning.  Whether Quinn would have led them to a win over the Super Bowl Campions is another unknowable and if prayer didn’t work how does one account for the turnaround and final record of the Broncos?

Bruce: They got lucky under Tebow.

Ary:You don’t believe in prayer but you do believe in luck?

Bruce: Not the way you mean.  I mean Tebow’s weaknesses helped wear the defenses down. The whole game, the line is chasing the quarterback, which wears down the pass rush. Meanwhile, the backs are chasing receivers, but when the QB only throws eight passes they get lazy.  Then it only takes one big pass, for a touchdown.

Ary: So Tebow tricks the opposing team not to do their job so the Broncos can win?

Bruce:  Exactly, plus, the other Bronco players make Tebow look better than he really is, a lot better.

Ary: The fans seemed pretty happy with his performance.

Bruce:  I don’t understand that; no matter how many bad games Tebow plays the fans think that he’s great. I'll never understand that.

Ary: It seems to me that no matter how many good games Tebow has you aren’t willing to give him any credit.  He’s rather inexperienced as an NFL quarterback, he has a lot of critics, people who not only are waiting for him to fail, they are actually rooting for him to fail.  But even with that extra pressure, he led his team to a winning season.  It sees rather bizarre for a member of a team to be complaining about its leader, especially one who has been successful.

Bruce:  Tebow brings it on himself.  He makes a big show of being religious and praying and all.  He should knock that off.

Ary: He doesn’t seem to be making a big deal about it to me.  As for praying, what is he supposed to do, leave the sidelines and hide somewhere while he’s praying?

Bruce:  Just don’t kneel. If he wants to pray, just stand there and pray.

Ary: maybe Tim isn’t comfortable doing that.  Besides, with all of the negative associated with athletes these days, having one who promotes a positive set of values and faith seems like a good thing.

Bruce:  But it turns people off. It offends them.

Ary: For the life of me I don’t see how.  If you are watching him kneeling you aren’t watching the game.

Bruce:  But he’s always thanking God on camera too.

Ary: If I had a nickel for every athlete, movie star, and celebrity who thanked god on camera I’d be rich and based on their life styles most of them are just saying it.  I think the problem is that people know that Tim really means it.

[Bruce was silent for a minute before speaking.]

Bruce:  do you really think that Tebow’s God cares enough about a football game to interfere with the outcome, and if he does isn’t that cheating?

Ary:  I’ll tell you what I do know – God cared enough to have His Son to pay for our sins.  That makes us pretty important to Him.  If you want to know if God guides Tim’s arm, or gives him extra speed, or whatever, I can’t answer that, why don’t you ask Him yourself.

The above was adapted from an article located at the following URL accessed on 2/21/12