Atheist Turtles may be intimidated to take on Christians especially ones who know the Bible and seem able to defend their beliefs.  When confronted by someone like that, or any Christian for that matter, the Atheist Turtle need only resort to C.R.U.D.E.

  • Accuse the Christian of using Circular reasoning.  It doesn't matter if they are or not the accusation will put them on the defensive.  
  • Second, accuse them of Rationalization.  This is very similar to Circular reasoning and can be used either in conjunction with or separate from it.  
  • U is for Uneducated. The Christian is already intimidated by science.  They have been beaten up for nearly two centuries by scientific discoveries. So explain how uneducated they are.  
  • The next attack is Deluded or Denial.  Forcefully state that Christians must be deluded or in denial of the facts of science and logic to continue to believe.  
If these tools are used effectively, either separately or in combination, the Atheist Turtle will be successful in the majority of encounters with Christians.  In the unlikely circumstance that the Christian has held his or her own, the Atheist Turtle has one final weapon in his arsenal.

  • Evade! That's right, 'Turtle Up'. Refuse to discuss the subject further.  This final weapon is perfectly in line with what Atheist Turtles are designed to do.  Withdraw into your shell. Now, you may be put off by this at first, believing that withdrawing into your shell is surrender, but I assure you that is not the case.  
Consider that the person you are dealing with has been engaged in Circular reasoning, Rationalization, they are Uneducated, and either Deluded or in Denial or both.  So, what choice does the Atheist Turtle have?  In fact, it is in the best interests of the Deluded Christian to 'Turtle Up' to prevent further hardening of the errors being put forth.  The argument can always be resumed another time.

If you still feel uncomfortable about Evasion comfort yourself with the knowledge that such great atheists as Stephen J. Gould and Richard Dawkins advocate just this course of action. A.T.