Thursday, January 29, 2015

Neil Degrasse Tyson fails BASIC physics problem

Note #1 Absolute pressure v. Gauge pressure -  What on earth is NDT talking about?  The effect on the pressure in a football due to a change in temperature is one of the easiest physics problems there is.  The formula is PV = nrT.  Solve for the change in P by dividing by V.  Everything but T is constant so the change in pressure is the ratio of the new temp. to the old temp.  If you fill the ball in a 90 degree room and take it to a 20 degree environment the pressure will be 22% lower in the ball.  If you start with 13#'s in the ball you would end with about 10#'s in the ball.

"It doesn't happen very often, but astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson was wrong this week. And like any good scientist, he's not afraid to admit it, correct it and explain himself.

"On Monday, the director of the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History took to Twitter in an attempt to deflate the New England Patriots' Deflategate excuse.

"Coach Bill Belichick had said atmospheric pressures and balls being transported from the warm indoors out onto a cold field could have caused them to lose enough pressure to fall below league standards. But Tyson tweeted that to lose as much pressure as the balls did, they would need to be inflated with 125-degree air.

"'My calculation used the well-known gas formula that relates pressure to temperature within a fixed volume,'" Tyson explained on Facebook on Tuesday. "Quite simply, the two quantities are directly and linearly related. e.g. Halve the temperature, you've halved the pressure. Triple the temperature, you've tripled the pressure."

"He wrote that his mistake was using absolute pressures instead of gauge pressures. Going by gauge pressures, the balls would need to be inflated with 90-degree air."Note #1

"'A delightfully moot point since neither temperature absolves the NE Patriots even as we all know that the NE Patriots, in their 45 to 7 victory over the Colts, would have won the game no matter the ball pressure," he wrote. "And, as far as I am concerned, the Patriots would have won that game even in the vacuum of space.'"

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Manuscript submission for The Habitation of Chimham Publishing

The Habitation of Chimham Publishing is a small independent book publisher.  We are a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association.

If you are a new author then you know that the only thing you nprio get your manuscript published is MONEY.  There are many businesses who will publish whatever they are sent if you pay their fees.   Chimham is different.
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WHY?  We were started to help new authors publish quality material.

We are building our brand.
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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Moderating Comments

I regret that I have had to resort to reviewing comments before allowing them to be published.  I have no objection to contrary opinions but I will enforce the following rules:

1) No profanity, period.
2) No anonymous comments.
3) If you comment on my blog I must have access to all blogs, Facebook pages and online websites and organizations you are associated with.
4) I do NOT expect or require that you be respectful.

Friday, December 14, 2012


Stop the Lies Campaign
Inclusive Language Lies
#1 Fix the Bible

I thought atheists and agnostics were the biggest challenge to be confronted but have discovered a bigger group. - people who profess to be Christians but demand changes to Christianity.  One example is the call for inclusive language changes to the Bible and church teachings.

Broadway United Methodist Church in Chicago has the following statement in its "Inclusive Language Policy" posted on its webpage,

"In terms of gender, it is clear that Christianity was born into a male-dominated society whose language reinforced such discrimination.  In fact, the Christian understanding of God and God’s acts has been dominated by male-oriented imagery and language while ignoring complementary feminine images.  The very survival of this feminine imagery is testament to its importance in the life of the church."

A cursory reading of this paragraph yields 2 immediate observations;
1) The concluding sentence contradicts the premise of the preceding sentences.  If the female imagery was important enough to the church to survive then Christianity wasn't as male dominated as suggested.
2) We are celebrating Christmas as I write this.  Preparations are well underway and have been since Thanksgiving.  Christmas is the birthday of Jesus who is God incarnate, very God and very man.  Mary gave birth to Jesus.  Mary was a woman - A female.  The church celebrates Mary's role in Christianity; some Christian groups go so far as to venerate her.  How much more specific can a group get in demonstrating its admiration for females?  A female gave birth to God's son.  And BUMC is worried about too few 'hers' in the Bible?

Churches like BUMC are engaging in a campaign to bully Christianity into changing.  It is all about a liberal agenda to promote feminism and homosexual rights.

It is time for Christians to stand together to oppose these bullying tactics.

The Bible does not need to be fixed.

BTW, in a future post I will enumerate the number of stories of key women in the Bible.  Far from ignored females played key roles in the history of the Jews and in the development of Christianity.