Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Manuscript submission for The Habitation of Chimham Publishing

The Habitation of Chimham Publishing is a small independent book publisher.  We are a member of the Independent Book Publishers Association.

If you are a new author then you know that the only thing you nprio get your manuscript published is MONEY.  There are many businesses who will publish whatever they are sent if you pay their fees.   Chimham is different.
FIRST we read everything before we decide whether we will publish it and only quality material will be published.
SECOND we offer a standard royalty based contract, you do not need to pay hundreds of dollars in order to get you book in print.
THIRD we will provide full support to develop your cover at no charge.

WHY?  We were started to help new authors publish quality material.

We are building our brand.
If you have a quality manuscript, submit a one page synopsis to



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    1. Wayne, you don't run a page. You run a blog. Please point me to the correct place where questions cannot be answered by a Young Earther, as yourself.

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