Monday, December 23, 2013

Timeline for Origin of Universe

What is wrong with this picture?


  1. Kevin, I am deleting your comment for two reasons; 1) it does not address the topic of the question, & 2) you blocked me on FB. However, if you correctly answer the question posed here, I will answer your question.

  2. You blocked me on FB. I'd love for you to unblock me so we can discuss Cosmos. Jenn quoted you as saying, "It's nothing new". Not only is that not true, but it is apparent that you Just. Don't. Get. It.......

    Gravity waves detected. CMBR detected. Dark Matter detected through gravitational lensing. Why ask such a vague question? Tell me, what IS wrong. After that, care to discuss all that is wrong with the creationist worldview? Did you see how easily Tyson debunked Young Earth Creationism? That was great. Now stop hiding in that creationist shell and defend your assertions. Why else did you create this militant creationist blog?

  3. This is not a vague question. There is an obvious, fundamental flaw in the timeline which has the potential to invalidate the entire timeline.

    As for Cosmos, it is obvious that NDT is obsessed with Carl Sagan. He wants to be the CS for this generation. But while the CS Cosmos had a style and interesting host, NDT' s has neither. NDT has resorted to over-the-top FX to interest viewers. Unfortunately, that results in deception (like the way the asteroid belt was depicted) and boredom. On a fundamental level, NDT' s Cosmos is filled with flawed assumptions, even at the minor level (how wolves were domesticated). NDT also obsesses over the alleged religious persecutions of scientists. This also wears thin and leads to additional deceptions. Bruno for example: it is a fact that the records of Bruno' s trial are gone, but, there are records of other events in Bruno' s life as reported by Cosmos. The time he spent in England was grossly misrepresented by the show. I suggest that you research that for something to do.

    I have indulged you with this response. This page is not for a discussion of Cosmos. It asks a specific question. You must restrict future comments here to answering that question. Your comments must address the question from a technical vantage point.