Sunday, June 19, 2011

Angry Atheists

The video associated with this post is of Chief Rabbi Johnathan Sacks discussing his associations with atheists.  He found them to be productive and even helpful by challenging him to remain disciplined in his beliefs, and he advocates for dialogue with them. 

Near the end of the video he mentions a different type of atheist.  He calls them 'Angry' Atheists and feels that they are destructive.  These are the atheists this site will focus on--men like Sam Harris who said, "If I could wave a magic wand and make either rape or religion go away, I would not hesitate to choose religion." 

For these atheists the church is evil and always has been.  Many deny that Jesus ever lived.  They claim that He was the result of Egyptian mythology, or Roman mythology, or both.  They deny the Bible any authority claiming it was forged and the church destroyed all of the competing sacred texts. 

There are answers to these attacks.  Some are known, some we still need to discover, but address them we must as many of the attacks are becoming what I call Atheist Urban Legends.  As they circle the internet they get broader and broader exposure and become accepted orthodoxy of atheism without investigation.  You can make a difference by challenging these legends and taking a stand for G_d.

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