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Alchemy, Genesis, Gnosticism, and The Great Cackler

Have you heard the term 'Gnostic'?  I had many times but never quite understood what it was until I read the below post from an actual gnostic.  Understand that one person's beliefs are not fully representative of a philosophy and so, it may not be fair to assume all Gnostics are alchemists, but Gnostics all believe that there is secret knowledge that only some people will ever obtain. 

A few points of information. 

The Philosopher's Stone is supposed to be able to generate primordial matter, kind of the stem cells of matter.

Gerald Massey is a self-described expert in Egyptology from the 1800's.  He is generally dismissed by serious scholars as 'undisciplined' in his research methods.  Others are more direct and just call him a kook.

The author published this on a discussion forum about a book written by a present day supporter of Massey's ideas.

I believe that the author of the material has English as a second language.  Only major spelling or grammar errors have been corrected and some material has been edited for space issues.

Strictly speaking, Gnostics are not atheists as they have some religious ideas, but for the purposes of the Turtle, Gnostics are anti-Christian which brings them into view.

The material was copied from an anti-Christian site where it was posted by a user I will identify as Al.  Since such posts are essentially anonymous and uncopyrighted to the best of my knowledge I will provide the preceding acknowledgement as the sole reference to the source, as I do not wish to publicize the source.

This is a bit long but read all of it if you can.  You may find yourself laughing but I promise you that Al is serious as death about this post and he and others like him are militant; they are actively undermining Christianity and they represent a growing threat to the Church.


"The Alchemical explanation of Genesis.
I have studied Alchemy now for 40 years. I have been using Genesis many of those years trying to Perfect matter, the making of the Philosophers Stone. I want to explain what Genesis means to me as an Alchemists. First, Ii want to explain that something happened long ago. The ancients found how to perfect matter with nature. This is where the One True God of nature came from, and all our present religions. But it was always Secret. To speak of it was to die. The alchemists we know, Sir Isaac Newton, persons like that also spoke of but alchemically they 'always discussed in a Secretive manner, and when they said anything it was in metaphor. And so today, there are few if any alchemists that know what Alchemy was about, fewer even our Scholars. Most that I have spoken to believe all that garbage should just be thrown out! But there is an answer and an explanation. All the things I will say here I will back up many ways. It was not easy, and so why the 40 years. But everything is from what we know of as alchemy, but we never knew. I hope that will change. I want all to know up front I am no scholar. I was always tied to engineering. Nuclear, gas, steam, etc. This was just my hobby. But I can't prove myself wrong, and if you all will just try to see with an open mind, as you learn you will know that all i say is the Truth. Alchemy is the base for everything. Astrology, religion, the Secret Societies, many things as you will learn. I found from the Gnostics, that the proper name for alchemy is "The Magic of Egypt.” Jesus was taught that magic. I want to explain what Genesis really means. The explanation has far reaching ramifications if the right people realize what it means. Why I know Genesis? When I started I read in several books that, 'Genesis was the Greatest book ever written about alchemy."

So, I read many times, and compared to the Emerald Tablet  which also is a Creation Epic. All I could do is wonder what and why. So, here is the results of many years of consideration. Genesis is not written by Moses. It is from ancient Egypt.

As explained you will see this is true. Now, even Moses?? They did though find a scribe of a Pharaoh by the name of Mesis or something like that. Anyhow, Genesis is very clear really, if you read it very carefully. First, in ancient Egypt, all came from an egg laid by the Great Cackler! Sounds silly, but all on earth does come from some sort of egg or seed. The first act was the laying of the egg for the sun! Light was Created. In Genesis, the Heaven and the earth was created, first day. That is an egg for the earth. The shell of the egg is heaven, the earth is the contents. From G. Massey’s book, Natural Genesis, "The shell of the egg is to be considered as heaven." The formless earth was something to the ancients like the contents of the egg. Liquid, but by process became dry! Note dry so was wet first. Also on the first day, Light was Created and it was "Good." This has never been explained to you, but it means that a part of God or something of God is in the light of the sun! We can collect that good by process. It is the only thing Perfect that will Perfect the Matter in the below, or the Matter that the Philosophers Stone is made of. The deep means that an amount of water was also created in this epic! Now this thing about the Good (god) in the light is something that is tied to many things of Jesus. The Son of the sun! This is why. The ancients didn't worship the sun; they worshipped this Good in the Light! Somebody just left out that part. Also, and Very important to understand, the Day was Created. Morning and evening. This is because the Light Created was the Sun and Moon! Plus I guess the stars. In Genesis it says, the "Waters Above." Plural! The day is based on one cycle of the moon. Morning is waxing, evening is waning, the between time is the new moon or dark period when there is no moonlight. Now here is part of the proof. The Egyptians saw the earth as Two Earths. We call it the Northern and southern hemisphere. The sun moves north for six days, and created the Northern hemisphere, then it moves south and so does that in the southern hemispheres. Or, Genesis is still going on today, a yearly repeated cycle. It was shown by them in many ways; see Massey, 'The Light of Egypt." This is why Genesis is the greatest book, it is something you can use and I do, you can too. It is also to know this one thing. A day is a month. In many things, three days for example, is actually three months! I will definitely be visiting this again! All of alchemy is based on this fact! Next day. The firmament was created and called Heaven?? We already have heaven? What it means is, Sacred Geometry. Many things have different shapes, heaven, firmament, egg, seed shucks, what is important is they all contain PHI, a math. principle. Idaramled said something about this which explains it, "It is important for you to know why your church has a dome or steeple." It is because if a church, temple, is built correctly, it contains PHI. What that means is God can come there. He does not come to a shape without PHI. He is in your church! The firmament is shaped like a pyramid, heaven is like the shell of an egg. Together they work miracles, so to speak. Now, here also the waters are divided. What is done is done in darkness. The matter is to Rot to a base, even the earth in the creation. Isn't this how all nature works> a seed thrown onto the ground will bring forth much fruit if it dies and rots as it is turning into a plant. This is also exactly how the Philosophers Stone is made! Next day, and also very important. The waters come together, dry land called earth is created. This is androgynous earth as Adam was Created androgynous from it. This is because the sun (male) and the moon (female) was what created the earth. The sun is also where Spirit came from, and Soul from the Moon. So, if you think you have a spirit and a soul, it is because of this process! Also it is important to understand the light. I have already said the above waters, plural is what we have outside. If you really closely read where it says the sun and moon, "And God created Two Lights." It doesn't say he did so on that day! On that day, the light were just set into the firmament. In other words, what we have now outside was established on that day. I think this came about because in the alchemical process, we use and eliminate the lights at different times. The ancients must have believed that what they did that worked to perfect the matter is similar to what God did when he created the earth. Part of the difference is that we are told to accept that God did this or that on our faith! The ancients saw what was here and so worked with what was here, they didn't have to accept some story on faith! Genesis by this process is easily understandable, it is what we have, it is in the books, like the shell and heaven if you look, and like the "Light is Good." you just have to figure out over a lot of time what it is supposed to mean and how it works. It is now easy for me because I have been working the process, I will in time explain all of it, and the more you use it the more it becomes easier to understand. Now, as to the coming discussion with Acharya, all of this is tied to the mythology of Horus, Isis and Osiris. Because of this reason. The Creation process and art, alchemy, is how we make the Philosophers Stone. The ancients had this great medicine, and it proved to them they had proof of A God in nature, evidently because of what it did. As it is a 16 month process for the full perfection, Osiris is a 16 month religion. Life, death resurrection, the Virgin birth, Easter, all is from this Genesis process when you learn what the Great Secret was. There is so very much to it, and it will take a lot of posts to explain all of it. But you will find, that "Myth" will be spoken of many times, the point is this, what was the Myth based on? And the answer is much of what I just discussed, and what we will discuss. Much of what has been said is wrong, we will explain that also. when finished all who wants to will be able to make this medicine! I have done it one time, I’m trying now to perfect the 8 steps. I still have a lot of problems with one step, the rotting! Believe me when I say there is a lot of ways to rot an egg. If it is not done right, it does not work! I know that and all will see for a fact. If it is wrong, even on step 7 of 8, and you mess it up you have to start again and it has to be coordinated with the times of the year. The steps are our religious holidays! Consider that. It has to be worked by the times of the year (astrology) or it doesn't work. Hard to do for sure, you have to babysit for the 16 months! Understanding Genesis as it is tied to the two earths, six days in each hemisphere, has a lot of importance. Darwin if he knew this would have said that evolution is due to Genesis, which it is!! Everything outside is according to conditions over time and it outside is all Genesis through the year when you know and understand. All I said is the truth. Try to see things with an open mind and it becomes easy. I’m not a great typist or speller either! But I Love my work, I find it very interesting and I hope you will also."

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