Sunday, July 24, 2011

Money Given Back Because of Objections to Christianity

The following story warms the cockles of an Atheist Turtle's heart.  It is obvious that involvement of the Christian Church sullies the good intentions of the donor and soils her money.  It is better for the wouldbe beneficiaries to lose out on a possible improvement in their lives then to be subjected to a Christian ministry. 
Begin quote:
"Secret Millionaire cash returned after Christian charity row
A Secret Millionaire has had her cash returned by the recipient, after a row erupted over how the Christian charity should spend the £15,000 donation.
Entrepreneur Sue Stone agreed to give charity worker Kervin Julien the cash after appearing on the Channel Four programme, in which millionaires go undercover to decide which people or projects are worthy of their cash.
But while the former drug addict's work with homeless people had impressed Stone during the show, his close links to the local church had caused conflict and he has now decided to return the money.
Julien's charity Anesis was founded by two men from Northpoint Church and much of its funding comes from church projects, but he claims this connection caused conflict.
He says she vetoed all projects he wanted the money to be spent on because they were linked to the church, telling the Coventry Telegraph: 'Her constant comments of "I don't want my money sitting in a church" has really riled me.
'We are faith-led and we've never hid that. Northpoint Church have been behind us and supporting these projects from day one, so for her to say this just beggars belief.'
When questioned regarding the disagreement, she said: 'The plan was never just to pop it into the church, it was for the Second Chance project we spoke about during the show for a rehab centre.
'Kervin said he wanted to put it in to the pot with the church (money) and I said "no, that’s not the agreement".'
Despite this, Stone said she was still happy to fund a project she could 'get involved in'.
Kervin and his wife are now selling their family home to open a rehab centre for recovering drug addicts, explaining: 'This will happen with or without the Secret Millionaire money. We're 100 per cent committed to this project. It's our passion.
'It's our dream because we know the impact it will have on people's lives here.'
End quote 
Apologetics response:
The people who comprise the church are not perfect.  Throughout history there have been abuses of power inflicted on innocent people in the name of the church.  Those abuses are not representative of the overwhelming positive that the church has done; from hospitals, to schools, to great art and even science, the church has often led if not been the only source of benefits for mankind.  Don't buy the lie.

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